Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our standard Spring cleanup includes the following services:

  • Sweep all roadways, parking area, and sidewalks.
  • Remove sand from edges of lawn areas.
  • Rake all lawn areas and power sweep to remove all matted grass and debris.
  • Prune all dead and damaged tree branches and shrubs in areas local to buildings.
  • Clean out and cultivate all shrub, tree, and mulch beds.
  • Edge all shrub, tree, and gardens beds.
  • Dispose of all debris off-site.

In November we begin Fall cleanups, which include the following services.  If weather allows, we are able to continue fall cleanups into the beginning of December to ensure all debris is removed before winter.

  • Rake all lawn areas.
  • Air rake roadways, parking areas and sidewalks.
  • Remove all leaves and debris from all areas.
  • Dispose of all debris off-site.
  • Additional service options can be added.
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